Saturday, May 2, 2009

Behind the screens!!!!!

"SunTv bags Enthiran" - is the news which i should say the most common news all around india. The rumor is that the budget of the movie is 165 crores. Why ayngaran transferred its rights to sun network?.. What forced ayngaran to do this even-after having Superstar-the king of collection in lead role?..This question arises to each and each everyone who are interested in this project. As we know shankar completed some portions of the movie probably equal to 20% of the movie.This includes a fight scene , some shots in goa and two melodies. This is the portion which was done before the rights exchange. Now you'll be in eager to know the fight scene..right??. .To say the truth , the news which is spreading widely now is that shankar has spend lavishly for crew conveyance and lodging alone. Coming to the fight scene , shankar compelled ayngaran and eros to buy brand new Mercedes, Audi and BMW for that fight scene. Actually these three were blown up thereafter in which he could have used for dummies instead.The money spend for these cars is 3 crores. The budget decided initially for the movie was 120 crores. Eros and Ayngaran agreed for the same. After then the budget was increased to 150crores by shankar. After several flops in bollywood , Eros backed up from the project. Ayngaran on the other could not resist the heavy essence on its own. Few other flops from ayngaran added up the burden to them. This paved way for sun pictures to bag the project. According to my view, i think sun pictures is the only potential source for Enthiran. Only they know the right way of marketing. Just imagine their previous distributions of Kadhalil Vizhudein , Thenavattu and Dindugal Sarathy. These films would have gone trash or would have not been released if not sunpictures.Suntv is well aware that their dish would go sky popular within a year or so in india. Hence they would advertise the movie all over india and create an opening which will surely create a history in india. With thalaivar in lead role the money spend now could be easily taken up by overseas collection of the movie alone since we are all aware of thalaivar's image abroad.
Source: Times of India


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