Saturday, May 2, 2009

Karunaas and Santhanam in Enthiran

As we know despite heavy rains and floods ,the pace of the Enthiran's shooting is not dampened. The paper cutting of the Deccan Chronicle in the below post unveils the comedy scene in enthiran. But we are not sure how far it is true. But one thing is sure is that there is no need for a separate comedian for Enthiran since our thalaivar itself delivers great humor. Still we cannot forget our thalaivar's performance in 'thillu mullu '.Thalaivar's great humor sense would have been unleashed in that movie.The latest buzz is that karunas has been booked for Enthiran. We all know that karunaas was part of thalaivar's Baba. Now its enthiarn and the biggest stage has been set for karunaas to deliver his maximum. Another buzz is that Santhanam will also join the Enthiran team soon. So it would be a double bonanza for both the actors and duo would know the fact they can multiply their popularity with the help of enthiran. There is no doubt that these two will deliver their maximum.


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