Saturday, May 2, 2009

"I'll throw u..."- Enthiran movie dialogue??

The shooting which was scheduled to be in top slip has been cancelled and shifted to Ennore. The crew is working so arduous in bringing each and every anatomy of the movie tremendous. The lights were perfect for the shot in ennore. Two caravans were there for our thalaivar and thalaivi(Just kidding!!! Aishwariya, i mean) . It was the scene in which thalaivar has to shout at the robot(thalaivar himself).Thalaivar said “நீ தொடர்ந்து இதே மாதிரி பண்ணிக்கிட்டு இருந்தா உன்னை பிரிச்சு கடல்ல போட்டுருவேன், ஜாக்ரதை”( if u repeat the same again i'll throw you out in the sea).After it was shot thalaivar was back to his chair and not straight to his caravan.


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