Saturday, May 2, 2009

Simplicity and Punctuality Embellished!!!

If i say simplicity then the name flashes first in everyone's mind is "Rajinikanth".Similarly if i say punctuality the name again comes in every director's mind(Shankar for instance) is "Rajinikanth".Here is the proof for the both:
Enthiran crew is currently in Ennore . The scenes between rajini and aishwariya were shooted from 9 PM to 3AM. Superstar normally reach the spot via Redhills and Ponneri. Yesterday he took the 100 feet road route to reach the spot. Unfortunately he struck up in the traffic . It was a heavy one indeed. Superstar immediately rang up shankar and conveyed the issue. Shankar immediately responded to postpone the shooting schedule. But thalaivar was not ready for that. As we know our superstar is director's actor and he will never allow this to happen due to his problem. Shankar got an idea and sent 4 stunt masters in motor bike to rajini's spot. The stunt master's arrived immediately to rajini's spot and requested to wear a rain coat and a cap to cover up.Rajini obliged and reached to the spot and made everyone in the spot astound.
How is it???


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