Saturday, May 2, 2009

Yet another scene from enthiran leaked???

I feel hatred for leaking the scenes from enthiran fearing the freshness of the movie. But no one can stop the media from leaking and we too would feel anxious to know the scene(Come on .. this is thalaivar's enthiran).No matter what leaks before the movie release nothing can prevent our thalaivar's movie from a great success. As we all know that songs of "sivaji-the boss" were released by many wildcats unoffically. But the audio sales broke many records and still stands first in terms of collection.Coming to the topic, a scene from enthiran was leaked by a popular tamil magazine. The scene was shot in a saloon . There scientist rajini comes with his robot which resembles him. Everyone in the saloon was startled to see rajini with robot. They actually were not aware that it is a robot. The saloon owner asks rajini that he has not told them that he has got a brother and never brought him to their saloon. Rajini replies that the fellow(robot) was born yesterday . The Robot rajini asks the saloon owner for a magazine or newspaper to read. The robot completes reading everything within a second and asks for more. The saloon owner then give the robot a 300 page magazine cogitating that robot would take some time to read all pages. To his surprise, the robot completes everything within a wink.The saloon owner assumes as the robot would have just glanced and enquires the robot to describe the content of the magazine. Robot mesmerize the saloon crowd by telling each and every point in the magazine including the page number and the para of the content.Everyone were scandalized. Me too...


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